BiFacial N-Tech EXTREME Solar Panels


Go Battery offers a line of Extreme Solar Panels, using Double Sided Bi-Facial Panels


The panels are see through all glass panels, without the typical white or black plastic backing.  The solar cells themselves are double sided; meaning the collect power from both sides of the panels.  Absorbing ambient reflected sun light can increase overall power production by more then 50%.  In testing, these 20% efficiency panels can increase up to 37% efficiency by collecting sun on two sides, rather than just one side like all other panels. 


Some tests show these 330 watts mono panels producing 540 watts. 

Best use case would be installing these bifacial panels on a flat roof or surface, with a tilted angle, and using white / silver reflective paint or materiel behind the panels, bouncing light that passes directly through the all glass panels, to the backside.  In perfect conditions, these 60 Cell Mono Panels can produce nearly as much power as two high-end 300Watt panels. 



In addition to being the highest power producing panels, they are also the prettiest and most durable panels. Using two pieces of tempered glass for more strength, instead of one like all other panels.  By removing the unattractive white and black plastic that makes up the back side of most panels, their appearance is dramatically improved.  Furthermore, in aging panels, the first thing to break down, and look terrible, is that same plastic backing which disintegrates on all panels after 25 years of sun abuse.  Anyone who looked at 25 year old panels knows this.  These all glass panels will last much longer as glass does not degrade. 

They’re more durable because both sides are UV resistant, and potential-induced degradation (PID) concerns are reduced when the bifacial module has not bulky / heavy metal outer frame.

Balance of system (BOS) costs are also reduced when more power can be generated from bifacial modules in a smaller array 60 cell footprint. 

As you can see, they are better in every way from looks to function, to overall power production.