Go Battery 12V-100Ah Military Lithium Ultra Deep Cycle Battery - Mobile Mini

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The GoBatery Ultra Deep Cycle Battery represents the latest in advanced lithium-ion polymer technologies with lithium-nickel manganese cobalt technology (NMC). It is protected by a high-grade military-style ABS case, and a smart-chip BMS system with 7-safety protections built-in. Several GoBatery's can be stacked in series or parallel configurations to make larger 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt, and 48 volt systems

Go Battery Mobile Mini Military 12.6v – 100Ah (1,200 usable watts)

  • Newest 2018 Advanced Lithium Ion Polymer Technologies

  • 12.6 volt – 100Ah (1.2 kWh – over 1,200 usable watts on demand)

  • Lithium Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) battery cells

  • Used for Military applications, and now available for the general public

  • High-Grade durable ABS Military Case

  • Most Affordable Usable cost per-watt battery on the market

  • Lightest Portable 100Ah Battery on the market - 9lbs or 4kgs

  • Smallest Portable 100Ah Battery just 10.5 - 10.5 - 2.5-inches, (267mm, 267mm, 63mm)

  • Digital Power Meter with a Push-Button LED display

  • Ultra Deep Cycle – 100% depth of discharge (DOD) will not damage the battery

  • Longest Life Battery at more than 2,500 cycles or 10 years with proper use

  • 7-function Intelligent Battery Maintenance System (BMS) Protections. Safety Features Include: Overcharge, Under-Voltage, Over-Voltage, Short-Circuit, Over-Discharge, Over-Temperature, Over-Power

  • Comes with a USA 110v Wall-Plug 10-amp Wall-Charger, (10 hours 100% charge)

  • 99.9% Compatibility, works for almost any need, indoors, outdoors, backup, solar, etc.

  • 9-volts fully-discharged – 12.6-volts fully-charged (maximum chargeand charge voltage)

  • 11.1 Nominal Voltage

  • Water-Resistant Case (not water-proof)

  • First 500 Orders comes with a free GoBatery Camouflage Carry Case

  • No Maintenance, Cooling or Ventilation required

  • 1-year Standard Warranty + 4-Extra Years with our Extended Warranty

  • Great for Solar, Camping and other Outdoor Portable use, for On or Off-Grid Power Needs

  • Modular battery : can be stacked in pairs for Series or Parallel configurations to make 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt, or 48-volt battery bank systems, 2.5kW to 5kW banks

  • Works with high grade home or industrial On / Off Grid Solar Systems

  • Works for Recreational Vehicles (RV’s), Trucks, and Vehicle Jump-Starting

  • Works for Electric Vehicles, Cars, E-Bikes, Trolley’s, Golf-Carts (other EVs)

  • Wall Charge at night when electric costs are low, and use GoBatery to power your needs when electric rates are highest during peak hours in the daytime

  • Or charge in the day with solar panels and use at night when the sun goes down

  • TESTING : Drop-Safe, Vibration-Safe, Light Rainfall-Safe, Fire-Safe, Explosion-Safe, Puncture-Safe

  • UL and CE certified, UN/DOT and RoHS Compliant Components

  • The Most Affordable Advanced Lithium Ion Battery in North America. Find a better price in the USA and we will beat it. (HINT : Save your time, GoBatery is the most affordable cost per/watt battery on the market)

  • Designed in USA, with Components sourced from Japan, Germany, China and USA

  • Assembled and Safety Tested in China at our State of the Art Workshop



Just $0.39 USD per-usable-watt

Buy in Bulk and pay as little as $0.29 USD per-usable-watt



Here are some Examples Below

  • Build a 48-volt 100Ah (5kW+) SERIES battery bank with just four of these batteries and it will weigh and size roughly the same as just one standard 12-volt lead-acid car battery

  • Build a 12-volt 400Ah (5kW+) PARALLEL battery bank with just four of these batteries. It will weigh and size roughly the same as just one standard 12-volt lead-acid car battery

  • Build a 24-volt 100Ah (2.5kW+) SERIES battery bank with just two of these batteries. It will weigh/size roughly half that of just one 12-volt lead-acid SLA Golf Cart battery

  • Build a 36-volt 100Ah (3.8kW) PARALLEL battery bank with just three of these batteries. It will weigh and size roughly 70% the size/weigh of just one standard 12-volt car battery

  • Build a 24-volt 200Ah (5kW+) SERIES / PARALLEL battery bank with just four of these batteries. It will weigh and size the same as just one 12-volt lead-acid Golf Cart battery

Modular and Portable : Meaning you can take one pack out when needed, and take it hiking, camping, to the beach, jump start your car, or power your smart phone for over 150 days, or any other portable energy or generator need. You will need a separate “12v power inverter”, as this model does not have a USB Port.

Plus, you can wall charge it anytime, anywhere, and during the night-time when energy power costs are cheapest, and use it in the daytime when energy costs are highest at peak to power your devices.



  • 9-volts fully-discharged – 12.6-volts fully-charged (maximum chargeand charge voltage).

  • Maximum Reccomended Charge and Discharge Current 50-amp – (for longest life).

  • Maximum Charge and Discharge Current 1C – (can burst discharge at higher +2C levels).

  • Recommended Standard Charge Rate from Terminals = 0.2C (5 hours at 20amp) at 12.6v.

  • Charge Type - Constant Current Charge at 12.6-volts (other charge rates and types will shorten battery life, possibly damage battery, and void warranty).

  • Comes with Wall-Charger (0% -100% charge at 10amp = 10 hours) - (10A 110v – 220v).

  • Charge with a gas-generator or solar generator using the Wall-Charger.

  • No Memory Effect so there is no need to fully-recharge ever, in fact Lithium batteries prefer to live in the 50% - 80% charge range, this will extend battery life longest.

  • Can store and ship without charging for up to 3 months, but first charge to 50%, not Full.

  • Do not Trickle charge, this is not good for most lithim ion batteries.

  • You can Float charge, as long as the battery BELOW Full Charge, under 80% is safest, but not above.  

  • Do not Pulse charge or attempt to Overcharge, it can damage any lithium ion battery.

  • Do not Top-Off Charge, Bulk Speed Charge, Over Charge, or use Repair Chargers.

  • Lithium-ion operates safely within the designated operating voltage; however, the battery becomes unstable if inadvertently charged to a higher than specified voltage.

  • All Li-ion batteries cannot absorb overcharge the way a SLA, AMG, or Lead Acid car battery can.

  • To obtain full battery life, only use a 12.6-v Constant Current Charger, made for Lithium Ion Polymer batteries.

  • Charge process can be intermittent, and Li-ion does not need a saturation charge the way a lead acid, SLA, or AMG battery would. This offers a major advantage for renewable energy storage such as a solar panels and wind turbines, which cannot always fully charge a battery.

  • When fully charged, the charge current must be cut off. A continuous trickle charge can cause plating of metallic lithium and compromise safety. To minimize stress, once at peak charge, cut-off charge as short as possible. It is best to charge only to 80% - 90% for longest life.  

  • Discontinue using a charger and/or battery if the battery gets excessively warm.

Portable Power ...Wherever ...Whenever

Good for 99.9% of applications

RV Recreational Vehicle Life

Solar, Wind, Gas Generators

Battery Backup for Disaster

Bulk Pricing:

  • Buy 2 - 4 and get 5% off
  • Buy 5 - 8 and get 8% off
  • Buy 9 - 23 and get 10% off
  • Buy 24 or above and get 30% off
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12-100M LIPO

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