We, at GoBatery, are able to offer a product that is superior to all competitors, and at a more affordable price than any competitor. GoBatery was originally built for military deployment in the field for mobile siren and lighting systems. Our R&D, design and engineering are done in the U.S.A. while we use multi-country component sourcing, and our final product assembly and testing are performed in China at our state-of-the-art workshop.

We believe every home should and could be powered by a renewable energy system, and the first step in realizing that goal is to offer a superior product at an affordable price.

For over a decade, our team wanted to put a solar power system on our home. However, every time we priced a system, whether big or small, with many solar companies, the final price for any renewable energy system was very, very high, which created a major barrier to entry.

Even with the recent price drops in solar panels, inverters, and battery banks, the retail pricing in the market is still prohibitive for most people. Many solar companies create some gimmick speech about how their products and services will pay for themselves in 8 to 15 years with the electric bills they will save you. The truth is, though, that these products should only cost you a total of about 2 to 4 years’ worth of your energy bill to offset 100% of your power needs. Aware of this, we created an innovative line of batteries, high efficiency solar panels, and compact inverters/generators – all at incredibly affordable price point.

We designed our products with the end user in mind, and with all the features we wanted in a battery system, solar panels, inverters, and a solar generator. We also armed them with quality, long life, and affordability. Take a look at our comparison page to see why we say that GoBatery has created the world’s most powerful, lightest-weight, smallest, longest-life, safest, modular, versatile, portable, and affordable lithium battery system on the market. At the end of the day, if this is good enough for the military, it should be good enough for you.