48V 100Ah Lithium Ion Go Battery - LFP Lithium Iron Phosphate for Solar, EV, and Golf Carts

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The Smallest, Lightest, Most Powerful 48V 100Ah Battery in the World - Lithium Ion LFP LiFePO Lithium Iron Phosphate




  • Next-Generation Advanced: 2020 LFP Lithium-Ion Technologies

  • Actual 105Ah Capacity 5400-Usable-Watts: with Deep Cycle 100% DOD-Depth of Discharge ability, without damage (NO Memory Effect).

  • 51.2V Nominal Battery Voltage: Drop-In Replacement for Any Solar, Electric Vehicle, Golf Cart, Mini-Home, RV, Telecommunication System

  • Working Voltage 40V - 58.4V (charge voltage): compatible with any 48V Inverter or Charging system, Solar, EV, or Golf-Cart, Go-Cart, RV, with any Military Grade Applications.

  • 120-Amp Continuous Discharge Current: with 400A Peak Surge Currents (23,200-watt surges) - soon with 1000A Peak Surge Currents

  • 50-Amp Recommended Charge Rate: (100A Max Charge Rate)

  • Life Cycles = 4000 to 10,000 = 10 to 20+ years continued daily use. See the details below for more information.

  • Size = 26 inch x 10.25 inch x 5.91 inch = 1575-inch^3

  • Weight = 85-lbs / 39kg - Weight and size any healthy adult can manage and carry. 

  • Bluetooth Mobile App for Apple IOS, and Android App Stores: Monitor Cycle Life, Depth of Discharge, Temperatures, Voltages, Battery Health, and More.

  • EXPANDABLE = Stack as many as you need in Parallel to expand your storage capacity. Example : Tesla Powerwall = 13,500watts, for $9900usd. Stack three Go Battery 51.2V 105Ah Packs = 16,128watts for only $6300 - 1/2 the size, 2/3rds the weight, 20% more capacity, and 300% more continuous power output ability.

  • Buy One Today, and Add More Later to Expand your System: 5% Off Bulk Purchase Discounts when you buy 3 or more packs. 8% Off 6 or more packs. 10% Off 10 or more. And we have wholesale pricing with discounts up to 25% off for bulk orders over 25 pieces.

  • Cold Weather Heating Package: for a $50 Add on Fee. NOTE - All Lithium Batteries "do NOT like to be CHARGED near or below freezing 32F or 0C degrees." For a small Fee, we can include our Built-In Heating Kit. It adds no weight or size and is auto controlled by the internal smart BMS battery maintenance system (turns on only when charging for no power drain).

  • Smart BMS System: our BMS is more advanced than anything on the market currently, with over a dozen built-in Safety Features, Bluetooth Apps. It provides a platform to build the Safest and most Flexible lithium battery packs. We can customize other needs to spec.

  • Highest Safety:  Greater resistance to overcharging. High thermal stability, never explode like other lithium chemistry types.

  • Environmental Eco-Friendly Battery:  100% Green Battery for the Environment, made from common ores, minerals, and metals found in mother earths' crust. The most Eco-Friendly cleanest mass-production lithium battery chemistry.



The Go Battery Motto = To Create The World's Smallest, Lightest, Most Powerful, Longest Life Batteries ...Priced Better Than Any Other battery In The World, period!



Cycle Life Details :

  • Over 4000 Life Cycles at 1C = 100A / 1-Hour Time Discharge to 100% Depth DOD
  • Over 8000 Life Cycles at 1C = 100A / 1-Hour Time Discharge to 30% Depth DOD
  • Discharge Slower, and Charge Slower, while maintaining and storing the battery Indoors at Standard Room Temperatures 40F, and you can see Life Cycles exceeding 10,000 Life Cycles. 


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51.2 105Ah MM LFP
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Expected Ship Date 2/29/2020

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